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Trail Master

by Kamil Sezai

Trail Master is a motion graphic tool for making swarm effects with trails. can generate random or spline tracked droplet movements. working without plugins, using only mograph module. rig coming with ready to use pre added materials.


Demo video

Learn more

Animation example (only movement. no AO. no GI.

Trail master v2.0 demo

Version 2.0

Trail Master v 2.0 update notes:

1. Escort objects. you can add any object to rig for escorting trails.

2. Coverer. with this you can cover your trails with any spline.

3. Added more options for cloner.

4. Non xpresso extras. here is only spirals but in v3 coming more variants.

5. Added more controls for chaos effect.

6. Subdivision settings and material slots collectet on new tab: appearance settings.

7. All control redesigned and some controls moved or grouped.

8. Speed system changed. Now 0 works via total lenght of route. 'trails speed' option works as speed modifier.

9. 'Sample step' option from trail settings removed.(because causing time mapping problems for rendering)

10. added some materials.


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