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Spritz! Vray

by Daniel Couto


Maxon Cinema 4D


R14, R15, R16

An XPresso rig that lets you add condensation to any object!

An XPresso rig that lets you add condensation to any object!


Demo video

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Features include / VRAY Version

- scaled for VRAY! (This means you can apply Spritz to your real world objects!)

- Show/Hide Controls! Only see the controls you need. No clutter!

- 10 Presets

- Cool HUD Thumbnails

- 10 scaleable runny Drips that follow the contour of your object

- Baking!

PLEASE NOTE: You must have HUD turned ON in the Filter menu for the Thumbnails to work.

Have you ever spent an inordinate amount of time trying to create this effect? Pulled an all-nighter? Had a client breathing down your neck while you fooled around with displacement maps and went hunting for tutorials? No longer!

The rig lets you work with 4 sets of condensation types - BIG DROPS, SMALL DROPS and MICRO DROPS - that will interact as metaballs. A fourth type, MIST, is non-metaball and is meant for detail work. (It does not interact with the other types.)

Finally, there are 10 options for runny condesation or DRIPS.


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