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Real Book

by Gianni Lorusso

Create your book with all the pages you need, adjust the size, the animation, rotate the base, flip through a page one at a time, and much more.


Demo video

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How to add pages

To add pages you need to perform some steps:

1. Duplicate one or more pages using Control-drag or the Duplicate function in C4D.

2. Make sure that the order is correct.

3. Open the main XPresso Tag and Click on the big node with green header.

4. On the Attribute Manager’s Node Properties page there is a box with the current pages inside. Drag the new pages in the box and keep all the pages in the correct order.

5. Done!

Realbook V.1.1 - new features

Realbook V.2.0 - new features

Realbook V.2.2 - new features

Like a "pop-up"

Realbook V.2.3 - new feature in a video

Realbook V.2.4 - new features

Version 2.4

New feature in Realbook V.2.4:

• Bending Spine: sets the amount of the spine bending.
• You can choose the direction of the Bending: the Book mode or the Magazine mode.

Version 2.3

New feature in Realbook V.2.3:

• Starting Angle Offset: Sets the starting angle of the pages when the book is opened (divergent pages).

Version 2.2

New features in Realbook V.2.2:

• Added a Cloner Object like a cointainer of pages. Now it is possible to use the multi-shader effect to add many texture with one gesture (it works only with R13 and above).
• Now the base of the spine is automatically disabled when the hardcover is enabled.

New features in Realbook V.2.1:

Torsion control added to each page for much more control.
These values are cumulative to those in the main Control Tab.

• Torsion Force
• Torsion Rotation

New features in Realbook V.2:

• Hardcover on-off
• Hardcover thicknes
• Hardcover overhang
• Hardcover rounding (fillet, fillet radius, fillet subdivision)
• Hardvover individually fine opening-closing (landing)

New features in Realbook V.1.1:

New Animation Tab
Enable Automatic Animation = enables the automatic animation mode
Animation = sets the grow of the total animation.
Overlap = sets the amount of overlap between the animations of consecutive pages.
Enable Add Overlap Variation
Add Overlap Variation = the spline defines an additional positive Overlap during the Animation. Be careful because it's easy to introduce intersection between pages.


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