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Perfect Split

by Charles Rowland


Maxon Cinema 4D


R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17

Ever despaired over cutting out polygons? Despair no more!

Perfect Split fixes the problem of not being able to simply cut a polygon, or group of polys, from a mesh and paste that group as a new object; leaving a hole where it once was. Instead of the tedious task of copying, pasting, deleting unneeded polys, optimizing meshes and blah blah blah; what a waste of time, but no more! 1 click solutions rule!


Demo video

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Credits / What it does: / updates

Developed by Charles Rowland (@RagingClaw)

Perfect Split is a modeling companion tool that takes a polygon selection and 'splits' it out of the object and paste the selection as a new object. The original object is left with a hole. Combined the two objects are a perfect fit.

Some Uses:

making flush panels for thing like sliding doors, robot compartments, etc etc.

Version 1.1: Updated an issue where the original mesh did not get optimized properly.

Version 1.2: Fixed issue where some people had missing icons.


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