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Particles Kit

by Balázs Kerek


Maxon Cinema 4D

Thinking Particles made easy.

With the Particles Kit you'll be able to get your particles right in just a few clicks without using any Xpresso. You can emit particles from any surface, make particle groups interact with each other at multiple levels, chose from 17 different dynamics functions, use Pyrocluster and MoGraph and much more.


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As easy as 1-2-3 / Compatibility / C4D module integration / Iterate! / Emitters / Dynamics

First, you set up the main controls, defining groups for main and child particles and deciding what, where, when and how to emit particles.

After the particles are emitted, you chose from a huge set of dynamics to make the particles interact with objects, forces or themselves.

Lastly, you use the visibility options to define particle geometry, enable Mograph Dynamics interactions, trace the particles or set them up with Pyrocluster or Hair.

This preset is compatible with all Thinking Particles presets from the official Maxon library. Also, popular presets like the Easywalker for C4D and the particle presets from Maxon's very own XPresso guru Björn Marl work seamlessly with the Particles Kit.

All Mograph effectors are supported! You can clone Mograph instances on the particles, all dynamic and right from the preset controls - no further setups required. The particles can be traced and i.e. used with a Sweep-Nurbs. There also is a Hair and Pyrocluster integration which let's you create stunning results within a minute.

You can do iterations! Every part of the Particles Kit can be duplicated indepently. With the "Born from Particles" option and the alternative to define the particles as emitter themselves, you can create endless chains of particle groups.

And due to the fact that the preset's Visibility module and the preset's Dynamics module can be duplicated as well, each of your particle group can have its own forces and geometry applied separately.

Redesigned emitters. Standard emitter to emit particles from almost anywhere. You can emit directly from a Null Object, use an Object (editable) as an emitter, Or also use hierarchies like the Cloner Object, or the Dynamics tag.

You can use a Child emitter to emit from a particle group, you can choose if you want to emit on death of particle, collision or emit during lifetime.

Try out the new Sound Emitter, Spline and Hair emitter. You will be pleased how easy it is to create complex particle groups, chain of events.

You also have time controls so you can decide you want to emit periodically.


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