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Maxon Cinema 4D


R13, R14, R15, R16, R17




by AJ Haines

MoSelector gives you incredible control over the Mograph items you want controlled by your C4D Effectors. In addition to being able to select any Mograph objects with ease you can animate your selections to create some really creative and unique effects that would be impossible with manual or falloff selections.


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Features / Compatibility Note / Installation

-Easily select individual or a range of clones that can be applied to any Mograph effector

-Animate any MoSelector property to create unique animations

-3 Mograph Selections per tag(can be duplicated) with Individual and Universal offsets for each selection

-Instantly save out your selections as a new Mograph Selection Tag

-Supports all Mograph objects besides Tracer Object

-Easily move setups and selections between Mograph Objects

-Setup can be duplicated on same object for infinite number of selections

-Built with the power of Python at its core then wrapped inside Xpresso for a user friendly setup

-Lots of options to customize your selection: Step, Offset, Grouped Selections, Expand, Columns/Rows and Randomize

-Includes a custom Python Effector that allows falloff to your MoSelector selections

–MoSelector is compatible with Cinema 4D R13-17

–MoSelector Falloff Effector works with R16+

-Open up the file and drag the MoSelector.lib4d file into your Maxon>C4D Version>Library>Browser folder.

-Restart Cinema 4D

-Look in your Content Browser for the Moselector folder which will contain the product and presets.

-Either double click or drag the product or presets into your C4D scene.


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