Dear customers, from 21 November 2018 you will not be able to buy plugins anymore. All free and already purchased plugins can be downloaded for the time being. The CGTOOLS service will be discontinued in the near future.

Installation Guides

How to install extensions

If not stated differently in the downloaded product package or in the Learn More section of the corresponding product page, refer to these general installation instructions. If you still have trouble installing the product, please the use the Support section of the product page to get in contact with the developer.

Cinema 4D Plugins:

. . . / MAXON / Cinema 4D RXX / plugins /

Copy or move the complete plugin folder to the mentioned path.
Restart Cinema 4D to initialize the plugins.

Cinema 4D Content Kits:

. . . / MAXON / Cinema 4D RXX / library / browser /

A Content Kit usually comes as .lib4D file, as it contains a pre-organized set of resources.
To install it move or copy the file into the mentioned path.
After restarting Cinema 4D you'll find an entry in the Content Browser.

Cinema 4D Scripts:

. . . / MAXON / Cinema 4D RXX / library / scripts /

Copy or move the script files to the mentioned path.
Restart Cinema 4D to initialize the script.

Cinema 4D Presets:

Most (XPresso) presets come as standard .c4d files, which means they can be opened like a regular project file and copied to your own scene. Usually all preset objects are grouped in one main Null-object, so you only have to copy this Null. Make sure to not accidently overwrite the original preset file. But if you do so, you can always re-download the file from your account.

A more convenient method is to install a preset directly in the Content Browser.
This way you can simply drag it into your project again and again. Here‘s how:

  1. Open the Content Browser ( Window > Content Browser... )
  2. Create a new preset library ( File > New Preset Library... ) and give it a name
  3. Drag the .c4d preset file from the product folder into that new preset library
  4. Optional: Right-click to define a thumbnail ( Set Preview... ) or to rename the preset.
  5. The preset is now saved in the Content Browser. Just drag it into your project from there.

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