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Hangover Pro

by Erwin Santacruz


Maxon Cinema 4D


R12, R13, R14, R15

Render Notifications.

Babysitting a render is no fun! Go ahead and grab that bologna and cheese sandwich at the corner store with a side of pickles or go take a nap. Don't worry about your render. Just add your scenes to the batch render queue and render away. Hangover will notify you when your scenes are done!


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Features / How do I use Hangover Pro? / Requirements / Version History / Installation

** Includes Granola v1.0**

• Send an email. Including to multiple recipients and subject line.

• Send an image attachment of your render. Specify a frame range or specific frames.

• Option to include full resolution image attachments

• Push notifications via Boxcar or Prowl for iPhone or Pushover for Android devices.

• Sleep, Restart, Log Out, Shut Down the Computer.

• Copy rendered files to a select destination.

• Send Growl notifications.

• Full batch or per job notifications.

• Attach a log file to your email.

• Send an SMS message to your phone.

• Play a nice musical jingle.

Hangover Pro will be available in your Python menu in Cinema 4D R12 and under Plugins in Cinema 4D R13 or later. Enter the information needed for notifications such as email, add your scenes to the render queue and hit render! You can find a more thorough guide under the help menu in Hangover Pro.

• Apple Mac OS X v10.6 or later.

• Maxon® Cinema 4d® R12 or later.

Hangover Pro 1.6

- Bug fixes. Fixed notification failure when subject line left blank.

Hangover Pro 1.5

- Subject line added to email notification

- Attach a sequence of images or specific frames to your emails.

- Option for full resolution attachments.

Hangover Pro 1.1

- Push notification support for iPhone and Android based devices via the Pushover app!

- Add current scene to render queue directly from Hangover.

Hangover Pro 1.0

- First "official" release!

You have two options. You can place the Hangover Pro folder in your user plugins directory or you can also place it in the plugins directory located in the main Cinema 4D installation folder.

Just drag the whole Hangover Pro folder into either one of the above folders and you are good to go!


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