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Maxon Cinema 4D


R14, R15, R16, R17


Dynamics, Mograph

FIWI (Fill it, with it)

by Kamil Sezai

FIWI is easy way to physically fill any object. As filling element you can use any object. For more details see demo video. and addional video for FIWI v2.0


Demo video

Learn more

FIWI v2.0 demo

Version 2.01

FIWI 2.01 release notes:
1. fixed xpresso freezing problems for some users. (fixed by ROBERT LEGER from

Version 2.0

1. regrouped all settings.
2. added more modifiers. gravity and wind.
3. added control for dynamics, friction and bounce.
4. added some settings for old modifiers, and resize function for filling elements.
5. some other improvements.

Version 1.1

''Annotation tag'' from newer versions of c4d removed. informations from tag added to read me text file.


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