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Maxon Cinema 4D


R18, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17

Fast Spline Connector

by Mike Udin

As you know, built-in functions Cinema 4D does not allow to connect a segments of a single spline. But now you can do it with this a little but very useful plug-in!


Demo video

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How plug-in works / How to install plugin

Fast Spline Connector connects the spline segments.

Tolerance specifies the minimum and maximum distance between the points for connection. Get button helps you quickly measure the distance between the selected points. But for better efficiency frequently required to increase the received value.

Now available two modes. 

The Join mode creates a new segment between connected points. With Segment length option you may adjust distanse between points relative to the initial position.

The Weld mode weld two spline points into a single point. The newly welded point will lie at the mid-point of the welded points.



Copy unzip plugin directory to here:

1. c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D (version whatever)\plugins

If you’re on a Mac just go to Applications > Maxon > Cinema 4D (version whatever) > plugins

2. Restart Cinema 4D

Version 2.0

1. Dramatically increased speed and stability. Mainly with splines with many segments.
2. To find points more accurate tolerance parameter now can be adjusted with minimum and maximum values.
3. “Selection only” mode to connect selected points.
4. Now you can apply hard or soft interpolation for new created points. With soft interpolation available Tangent scale option.
5. Chamfer effect for new created points.

Version 1.0



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