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by Maher Ghanem


Maxon Cinema 4D


R12, R13, R14

Stylish backdrops, lighting and reflections.

Gives you the entire scene to begin to move the high quality and less time with different backgrounds, reflection and lighting integrated scene.


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Environment / New features update v1.1 / New features update v1.1

In this effect gives the ability to start your project with the highest quality and gives you the ability to control the background, reflection, lighting and complete your project quickly and at the same time maintain a beautiful image.

- Fix Reflection on Floor ( no more HDRI reflection in floor.

- More than 30 Backgrounds Texture.

- Fix the mix with Background.

- Add mix mode to more flexiblty.

- Add mix mode strength.

- fix mix in browser Background.

- play with your HDRI with Rotation X,Y,And Z.

- Add L-Studio ,Half Circle-Studio To more Deep.

- Add Shadow Density And Color.


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