Dear customers, from 21 November 2018 you will not be able to buy plugins anymore. All free and already purchased plugins can be downloaded for the time being. The CGTOOLS service will be discontinued in the near future.




Oh, hello there. It's good to see you again. Welcome to CGTOOLS!

"CG what" you say? And what happened to the website, anyway? Well, a lot has changed since you last visited in 2014 (and we will tell you a bit about our "struggles" later), but the most important novelty can be derived from our new tag line software extensions for the creative workflow.

As you can see, this online shop is no longer limited to Cinema 4D. We have built a system that works for all kinds of software packages and hope to help spread a broad variety soon. Another huge new feature is the long overdue ability to create customer accounts. This comes with advantages like re-downloading products and generating invoices, just to name two. Everything else we advice you to discover for yourself. It should all be pretty much self-explanatory. If not, please let us know via the contact form or get in touch with us via Twitter @cgtoolscom. We also have a newsletter (scroll down), that will keep you up to date with product- or website-related concerns.

We have planned a lot of things for the future and the current list of feature requests will keep us busy for a while, but for now, we just wanted to be done with the relaunch and get the next chapter going. We are excited to find out what role CGTOOLS can take on in the digital-creative field!

Happy New year,

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